This Swiss firm might not be getting as many fans as they would have wanted for their new scheme. Yesterday was a big day for the firm. As it unveiled its new design that is very attractive and captivating from its sensitivity to the site and street life. This firm has proposed that the building is of wood with irregular volumes. The other good thing is there is an addition of a public courtyard in the whole design.

How The Project Is Going To Look

This project will be in a vacant loft downtown, and the structure will be propped on the courtyard by 12-meter columns. The area will be used for socializing such as welcoming of pedestrians, hosting of music and arts among many others. From there will be a ceremonial staircase that will go to the museum lobby and then to the sunken gardens. The other lower levels of the building are glazed. This is so that they can filter out the sunlight. They are also this way to ensure they can air down the courtyard. Most of the bulkier volumes have been visualized to have a timber look.

The facility has been designed in such a way that it will be able to accommodate more people set for the museum. The 29000-square-meter does this through doubling the facilities there. In this, there is 7900 so. Meters. That is for an exhibition. All this work to ensure the place has enough space to house the growing population. Other than that, the place also houses some other things such as an education center, resource center, workshop, and a restaurant among many others. Al these are there for the public.

Over the years the architects have made some very impressive works of modern and contemporary art with their work being a good show of town’s beauty. These structures are some of the very magnificent buildings whose height puts them above anything else. And this way they stand out. This building is also not very attractive. With wood and glass being used together, it adds some aesthetic value to city bringing out the beauty that is the city. The sunken courtyard here have also been featured elsewhere and is an excellent homage.

The concept of this building has been based on the contrast of the tall and sculptured buildings and the lower framing of the streets. The small rise has its origin from how the streets of Vancouver were first created.


This Is What The Press Have From Acquis Herzog

The public reaction being gauged on the building gave positive remarks on the courtyard. However, they also compared the building to Jenga and a wooden pagoda.

Michael Green, another great architect, expressed his disappointment on the design of the building. His concern is it not being safe for an earthquake prone zone and hence not ideal to be built there. His other predictions are on the wood weathering properly. However to solve this the company is working to pick out the best timber that will withstand and weather well over time. The board of trustees is however very enthusiastic about the project and are looking to raise about 350 million dollars for the project now that they have 23 million dollars. If everything goes as planned, the construction should commence in 2017 and come to a complete in 2021.