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South Granville

South Granville’s Shaughnessy neighbourhood is one of Vancouver’s toniest residential areas, with some of the city’s oldest mansions and largest lots. It was originally developed by the Canadian Pacific Railways as an area for the elite to live back in 1907, and many of the grand estates can still be glimpsed past tall hedges at the end of long driveways. The area is bordered by West 16th Avenue to the north and West 41st Avenue to the south, with Arbutus Street to the west and Oak Street to the east. Running right through the centre is Granville Street, one of Vancouver’s main thoroughfares. The section between Granville Bridge and West 16th Avenue is known as South Granville. The strip caters to the well-heeled local residents with excellent restaurants and some of Vancouver’s best high-end shopping.

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Strathcona is one of this city’s earliest neighbourhoods. It features beautifully restored row houses, overflowing flower gardens, and welcoming front porches.

Strathcona grew out of the collection of shacks and small buildings that surrounded the Hastings Mill site, and has a unique mix of people, history, land use, and architecture.

It is a neighbourhood of houses, apartment buildings, and rooming houses where neighbours walk to the corner store, do tai chi in the parks or stroll in the community garden. It is a community that has managed to survive, and thrive, despite constant pressure for change.

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Heritage meets modern describes the historic district of Yaletown in Vancouver, BC. Yaletown provides the serenity of an oceanfront seawall, along with the largest selection of trendy patios and award winning boutiques. As a great escape within the big city, Yaletown offers an opportunity to explore acclaimed restaurants and eclectic shops set along heritage brick walkways with free area WiFi.

Named after the town of Yale, which moved its settlement as the Canadian Pacific Railway established its works yards along the Northern edge of False Creek in 1886, Yaletown is managed by the Yaletown Business Improvement Association.

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