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Eri Ishii
Everything Pink
May 4 – 30, 2013

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 4; 2-4pm
Artist in attendance

Eri Ishii Boy with Pink Hair 24x18Boy With Pink Hair, 2013  Oil on Canvas,  24” x 18”

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Born in Japan and based out of Vancouver, artist Eri Ishii attempts to capture on canvas those subtle thoughts and emotions that defy simple explanation. Drawing from her psychology background, Eri utilizes her art to tap into the subconscious and connect people in unexpected ways. She has explored this technique using an array of subject matter, having painted the human figure in movement, public space, unnervingly still bodies, animals and landscapes. It is her aim, through capturing attention with soft whirling brushstrokes and unique perspectives, to invite the viewer into a personal psychological response with each painting.

Most often, Eri’s paintings point to an anxious sense of vulnerability and uncertainty whilst remaining void of sentimentality. Her paintings are light and soft like a Renoir though without being overtly colourful or naively cheerful. The subject matter hovers in space against a grey background, visually unsure if they exist in that space or are on the brink of dissolving into the surrounding atmosphere. Consequently, the subjects also exist in a space of psychological tension. These sentiments of uncertainty, tension and anxiety without the presence of any overtly threatening content are perfectly encapsulated in Ishii’s image of an androgynous young boy with a fluorescent pink mop of hair. Functioning as a metaphor, she invites the viewer to see themselves reflected in the painting as it considers universal themes of choice, gender, identity and existence.

Eri Ishii’s 9th solo show, Everything Pink opens at the Ian Tan Gallery May 4th and runs until the 30th.