In realizing impeccably detailed wildlife paintings, Joelly Louise Cright distinguishes her work from digital reproductions of animals. While a photographic image is pure subject, when painted, the artist adds content through aesthetic decisions which make each work distinct. Rather than simply capture moments, Cright creates and elevates them, forming a communion between the artist, subject and viewer.

Lauded by Canadian wildlife painting legend Robert Bateman, he remarked that her work is “absolutely done by somebody with a gift”. Cright carries on this tradition into the present day, where, living entwined with technology, our relationship to the natural world becomes increasingly disconnected. Bridging that gap, the sensitivity of Cright’s depictions observe the bonds between us and our fellow creatures and note the importance of their role in our shared, fragile ecosystem.


Joelly Cright FOCUS POINT

Focus Point  2019
Acrylic on plaster  36″ x 36″