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Kendal Kendrick yellow tree

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Surrendered & Alive with Light  2013
Oil on canvas  36″ x 24″

“As many people are becoming aware, human consciousness is undergoing a shift. We are waking up from being consumed by our identification with the continuous thoughts in our heads. We are discovering that who we are is so much deeper than thought can grasp. Our ability to be the observer of our thoughts (and meditation) opens up some alert, aware stillness between our thoughts. From this stillness and present moment awareness we are more able to feel beauty, love, joy and peace. A busy mind may think that beauty isn’t interesting or valuable because its primary function is seeking more food for thought, more to identify with, to strengthen a separate sense of self. Beauty is a feeling of joyful recognition that arises in our body. We are recognizing our own essence in things that appear to be separate from us. It is this experience of beauty that can be a doorway to feeling one’s own energy as one with all that is.

Painting is a practice that can be conducive to staying centered in the present moment; it can be a meditation. It is part of my spiritual practice.

Nature is a special subject because the essence of life is so easy to connect with when quietly observing something that has come into being without human intervention. The trees I have painted are all teachers of stillness.

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” – Blaise Pascal

The veranda paintings suggest that we do this. We may discover that we are energy and not separate from the light that dances in space.

It is my intention to create paintings that convey the beauty I feel.”  Kendal Kendrick