Kendal Kendrick is largely a self-taught artist but has studied at various schools including the Florence Academy of Art, and Emily Carr University of Art.  Kendal is passionate about learning from historical Canadian art.  For years she has been studying the master works of the Group of Seven and the spiritual connection they had with nature. She appreciates paintings that can draw our attention to the beauty of light. Kendal aspires to create from stillness to inspire moments of peace in those that view her paintings.

Kendal’s work is found in private collections across Canada and public collections such as Simon Fraser University and Crofton House School.  Her paintings are currently in the YVR Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge.

Kendal Kendrick’s CV


Kendal Kendrick Cypress Reflection 2-24x24

Cypress Reflection  2016
Oil on panel  24″ x 48″  (diptych)


Kendal Kendrick Remind Me 36x48

Remind me  2016
Oil on panel  36″ x 48″


Kendal Kendrick Louvre Light 30x40

Louvre Light  2014
Oil on canvas  30″ x 40″
$4,800.00 (framed)


Honour this Realm 24x30 450

Honour this realm  2013
Oil on panel  24″ x 30″


Kendal Kendrick Cypress Pond 24x24

Cypress Pond  2015
Oil on panel  24″ x 24″


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