“Very often people are moved to look at paintings for the same reason that they or others go to the cinema; they want to escape to something serene, romantic, stimulating, beautiful. Those are qualities that man has always sought and found in nature and his need for them is probably that much greater now that he has created such a tense and polluted world. In my paintings I am trying to create that refuge.

-Lloyd Fitzgerald

Lloyd Fitzgerald’s CV

Lloyd Fitzgerald Glacial Waterfall

Glacial Waterfall  2018
Acrylic on canvas   43″ x 30″


Lloyd Fitzgerald Big Ice

Big Ice  2018
Acrylic on canvas  42″ x 31″


Lloyd Fitzgerald Sunrise On Ancient Icebergs 32x41

Sunrise on Ancient Icebergs  2018
Acrylic on canvas  32″ x 41″


Lloyd Fitzgerald In Soft Light 20x16

In Soft Light  2013
Acrylic on canvas on panel  20″ x 16″


Lloyd Fitzgerald Guarding The Post 24x19

Guarding the Post  2013
Acrylic on paper  24″ x 19″


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