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Patty Ampleford
Four Seasons
March 2 – 28th, 2013

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 2th; 2-4pm
Artist in attendance

“My intention in painting this series was to capture the landscape through the four seasons, paying attention to the changes in light and colour as the seasons change.  All the painting was done ‘en plein air’ which adds a freshness and quality of light and energy to my work, arousing all the senses so you can really see it, feel it, hear it, smell the air and taste it.”

“Starting on a canvas that has a wash of acrylic colour I draw on the composition with a medium toned oil paint, and then right away start applying the colour to the painting.  I define and bring out elements of the composition, working on both the foreground and background at the same time, creating texture with expressive and painterly brush strokes and the illusion of space on canvas. The colour, form and brush stroke are key elements of my work, as well as the quality of light as the mood and essence of the painting are captured in the light.”

Patty Ampleford