“I work with styrene, an industrial sheet plastic, to make collaged paintings revealing an interest in regularity, equilibrium and the formalities of hard edged abstraction. The styrene is cut, either digitally or by hand, painted with acrylics and then assembled on panel. The superimposition of vibrant colour and mathematically-derived forms results in what I like to call utopian geometry – that is, acknowledging there is rationality and clarity alongside the properties of symmetry and beauty.

Recently I have experimented in changing the topography of a piece. By adding elevation I can change a viewer’s experience in seeing: what was a picture plane now approaches the realm of sculpture. Like the op art radicals of the 60s, I’m interested in the effects of high-key colour and dynamic form, but I temper that with a kind of cool and calm I think is distinctly west coast. There is a kind of meditative composure to the way I approach abstraction, a sense of withholding or even secrecy, which to me is a critical part of seeing the world.

In the last few years I have had several group and solo exhibitions in Vancouver and Toronto and Portland OR, and my work can be found in corporate and private collections across Canada, Britain, the United States and Australia.”

Sarah Gee Miller

Sarah Gee Miller’s CV


Sarah Gee Miller A Way Back 48" Diameter

A Way Back  2018
Acrylic on panel  48″ diameter


Sarah Gee Miller The In Between Place 36x36

The In Between Place  2017
Mixed media on panel  36″ x 36″


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