Sean William Randall
In The Blue Future
September 8 – 30, 2018

Steeped in a pervasive sense that there ought to be something there that isn’t, Sean William Randall’s paintings hang in eerie suspense. Toying with a subtle surrealism, Randall employs aesthetic interruptions to play with illusion, surface and depth. Haunting landscapes of unconscious feeling, his paintings beg a variety of questions, alluding to possible narratives through the use of symbolic motifs and atmospheric effect. The pictures refrain from overt description however, rather allowing a space for the viewer to be seduced by the mystery, and to get lost in its painstaking detail. By playing to the psychology of our attraction to the unknown, Randall’s work poses a challenge – to continue moving forward, deeper into the maze, through the tunnel, hurtling across the sky, and towards the blue future.

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Sean William Randall In the future