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Tim Fraser Seawall Across the Cove 30x36

A bonafide Vancouverite and a rare example of an artist with absolute focus on a particular subject, Tim Fraser regularly visits the Stanley Park seawall to draw new inspiration. A member of the Canadian Artists Federation, Fraser has left an impression on the Stanley Park seawall, re-defining it and offering us a new vision for this picturesque Vancouver landmark.

Fraser’s work transforms space. Were it not for the titles, a viewer would be unaware the painting is referential. Creating a surreal minimalist world uninhabited by people or animals, Fraser blends experiments in colour and shape to form a vision of the harmonious play between humans and nature. His paintings capture the spirit of this man-made structure with its curves flowing organically along the waters edge, mimicking the undulating ripples of the sheer, smooth cliff face – shaped by wind and water over the centuries, echoed by the round forms in the mountains and skies, all topped off by the happy trees which populate the paintings each with their own unique personality.