Vladimir Kraynyk’s style is borne out of the traditions of street art where he earned his artistic chops at a young age. His paintings transmute the concept of the graffiti tag as a way of identifying the artist – quashing it into a version of self-representation that assumes a shifting, nebulous quality perpetually in flux. What could have been graphic, illustrated lettering turns in on itself; the forms morph into a techno-futurist, semi-organic bundle of luminous energy. He graduated with Honours from the University of Manitoba in 2014 and recently completed a period of study at the Florence Academy of Art.

His work vigorous and striking, Vladimir Kraynyk paints like a seasoned artist despite still being a burgeoning young Canadian talent. Kraynyk’s process originates in digitally sculpting surrealistic structures, a technologically driven practice of chance-based mark making. He then realizes the forms in paint, in doing so producing lavish, twisting orgies of baroque design that allude as readily to street art as they do to Italian Futurism. The undulating intersecting surfaces of metallic liquid, fabric, gas and colour evoke a materialistic byproduct of the digital age. To this effect, Kraynyk’s visions are like virtual collisions of imagery and information, blended together and submitted to the equalizing vortex of digital space.

Rife with tension, Kraynyk simultaneously expresses through his process and results the burst of creative chaos played against meticulous rational rendering. The forms deviate and coalesce in every direction at once, a tangible immaterial thing searching in zero gravity space, having no beginning or end. A satellite of information that orbits any particular meaning, the absence comes to express something fundamentally abstract; that in the precision of vagueness, the work seeks to transcend the physical and become an intermediary state of reality – a representation of pure energy, the essence of boundless potential.

Vladimir Kraynyk’s CV


Ecstatic Topos  2019
Oil on panel  48″ x 48″


Vladimir Kraynyk Hyperspeed 48x60

Hyperspeed  2019
Oil on canvas  60″ x 48″


Vladimir Kraynyk Obelisk I 60x48

Obelisk I  2017
Oil on panel  60″ x 48″


Vladimir Kraynyk Apeiron 60x4

Apeiron  2017
Oil on panel  60″ x 48″


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