Winnipeg-based artist, Vladimir Kraynyk is a prodigious talent at the age of 24. Kraynyk’s style is borne out of the traditions of street art where he earned his artistic chops at a young age. His paintings transmute the concept of the graffiti tag as a way of identifying the artist – quashing it into a version of self representation that assumes a shifting, nebulous quality perpetually in flux. What could have been graphic, illustrated lettering turns in on itself; the forms morph into a techno-futurist, semi-organic bundle of luminous energy.

Kraynyk’s aesthetic searches the limits of form, constructing a symbolism that defies categorical reference. The meticulous details circulate and intertwine within a non-space in which light and shadow appear to exist. The underlying theme of his works draw comparisons with Gothic architecture, the complexities of baroque aesthetics, or Tibetan sand mandalas that imply concepts of infinity, god, and the paradoxes inherent in approaching these limits of thought.

Vladimir Kraynyk’s CV


Vladimir Kraynyk Trek 48x60

Trek  2017
Oil on panel  60″ x 48″


Vladimir Kraynyk Ignis Mundi 48x72

Ignis Mundi  2017
Oil on panel 48″ x 72″


Vladimir Kraynyk Golden Bough

Golden Bough  2017
Oil on panel  60″ x 48″


Vladimir Kraynyk Nexus

Nexus  2017
Oil on canvas  60″ x 48″


Vladimir Kraynyk Substratum 48x72

Substratum  2017
Oil on canvas  48″ x 72″

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