Current Exhibition

Van Gogh Museum Edition On Tour

February 11 – March 24, 2017

Exactly a year ago Canada got its first taste of The Van Gogh Museum Editions. Since Vancouver liked the Museum Editions as muc as the Editions liked Vancouver, it was time for a reunion. The buzzing city life and cultural setting proved to be the perfect backdrop for the Editions and so a new match was found to represent the works in Canada’s metropolis.

The Van Gogh multiples are fortunate enough to be shown at the Ian Tan Gallery this time around. The gallery is elegantly crisp and modern yet not sterile enough to be unapproachable. Established in 1999, the Ian Tan Gallery exhibits contemporary established as well as emerging artists. The gallery promotes a strong regional range of Canadian west coast artists and is now incorporating some Dutch mastery to its collection temporarily. The contrast of Ian Tan’s modern art and Van Gogh’s post-impressionism creates the most beautiful disagreement.