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Finding Rest  
May 4 – 30, 2024  
Opening Reception: Saturday May 4th from 2 to 4pm.  

Anselmo Swan’s work explores suburban neighbourhoods and everyday objects as metaphors for experiences of existential longing and modern restlessness.

His current series, Home represents universal longings for belonging and acceptance, or in other words, the search for a true home. In his most recent prints and paintings, Swan continues this series by exploring additional themes that add to this narrative. He has revisited past still-life images in order to contrast the introspective nature of these works with the Home images. The shirts and everyday objects, which are meant to evoke feelings of restlessness and isolation are juxtaposed with images of rest and belonging. Swan’s goal is to unite all three themes – shirts, still-life images, and homes – to create a cohesive narrative that describe deep longings and their ultimate fulfillment.

Swan graduated from The Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design where he earned a degree in Fine Art with a focus on printmaking.

His recent series of prints were done using traditional methods of relief printmaking such as wood engravings and woodcuts. He acknowledges and celebrates the rich history of these media in his most recent series.

Swan has exhibited internationally in New York, Los Angeles, the UK, and Vancouver, Canada. Highlights include the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2018 and The Society of Wood Engravers’ Annual Exhibition 2024.

Home #12  2024
Oil on canvas  50″ x 33″

Home #13  2024
Oil on canvas  24″ x 16″ 

Home #8  2022
Oil on canvas  37″ x 25″ 

California Ranch  2024
Watercolour 11″ x 7.5″
$1,000.00 (framed)

Valley Breeze  2024
Watercolour  15″ x 11″ 

Gale  2024
Watercolour  15″ x 11″ 
$1,500.00 (framed)

Approaching Storm  2024
Watercolour  11″ x 7.5″
$1,000.00 (framed)

Rain  2024
Watercolour  11 ” x 7.5″ 
$1,000.00 (framed)

Dunbar  2024
Wood engraving  6″ x 4″
Edition of 30
$300.00 (unframed)

Oakridge  2023
Wood engraving  7″ x 5″
Edition of 30
$400.00 (unframed)

Arbutus Ridge  2024
Wood engraving  7″ x 5″
Edition of 30
$400.00 (unframed)

Wedding Cake  2024
Wood engraving  4″ x 6″ 
Edition of 130
$300.00 (unframed)

Windswept  2024
Wood engraving  8″ x 6″
Edition of 30
$500.00 (unframed)

Windblown  2023
Wood engraving  6″ x 4″
Edition of 30
$300.00 (unframed)

Zephyr  2024
Woodcut  8 ” x 6″ 
Edition of 30
$600.00 (unframed)

Gentle Breeze  2024
Linocut  6 ” x 4″ 
Edition of 30
$300.00 (unframed)

Glasses  2014
Etching  4″ x 6″
$300.00 (unframed)

2655 Granville Street Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada
t: 604.738.1077

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