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Chanel Cha’s artistic journey unfolds as a narrative of cultural and geographical exploration, beginning with her upbringing in the rural landscapes of South Korea. Developing a profound appreciation for nature during her childhood, she later embraced her newfound freedom of expression upon moving to Canada, where she pursued her passion for art. Attending the Florence Academy of Art in Italy marked a pivotal moment in her journey, where she refined her skills and developed a distinctive style influenced by the Italian Masters.

Cha’s works have been showcased in exhibitions across Italy, New York, and London, where she explores her emotions and connects with viewers through her traditional yet expressive approach. Inspired by her childhood memories and fueled by her imagination, her art conveys beauty, delicacy,
and a profound emotional depth. Prestigious international awards further underscore her emergence as a notable figure in the art world, as she transcends boundaries and captures the essence of beauty and the universal human experience with finesse and sophistication

2655 Granville Street Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada
t: 604.738.1077

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