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David Tycho, a Canadian artist, initially studied painting under Gordon Smith at the University of British Columbia. After experimenting with Modernist styles, he developed his own take on figurative expressionism. Tycho’s move to Asia in 1984 exposed him to Japanese calligraphic painting, inspiring his exploration of abstraction.

In 1990, he began exploring abstract styles and exhibited professionally from 1991. Tycho’s art evolved, incorporating elements from wilderness areas, leading to a synthesis of landscape painting and abstraction. Trips to Asia in 2011 influenced his more representational Japan Series. From 2012 to 2016, his art reflected urban themes, while 2017 marked a return to landscape-inspired painting with the Fire and Rain exhibition.

Currently, Tycho explores various environments, emphasizing the ambiguity between abstraction and representation. His exhibitions span globally, including cities like New York and Singapore. In addition to his artistic pursuits, Tycho is a published writer on art, social issues, and wilderness travel, with a Canadian Literary Award to his name. He’s also a frequent interviewee in various media.

2655 Granville Street Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada
t: 604.738.1077

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