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Gestural, formal and swirling with energy, Kentree Speirs’ works pulse, recede, fuse, and divide in delirious combinations. Though landscapes, their aesthetic is rooted in action painting, where a meticulous process is applied onto a surface, giving it life. Kentree is a painter’s painter, one propelled by the mysterious act of painting itself. Each work is a sifting, searching operation, guided by an intuitive balance of colour, light, and form. While derived from the peaks and striations of glacially carved mountain forms, the shapes dissolve into each other, abstractly suggesting the logic of chance, sublime beauty, and mystery involved in the constructive process.

The subject in the works is merely a visual reference, from which Kentree distances himself, thereby approaching the phenomenon of the thing itself. In playing out alchemical creation on the arena of the canvas, the earth is turned out, and typically static mountains breathe and morph as if synthesizing molten rock in an ethereal, non-descript space. The search for meaning in Speirs’ images is expressed through the terms set by the paint. While in this space, one hopes to see something that cannot be seen except through the medium. In this way, the paint moves beyond being a symbol, where it becomes the event in and of itself.

Spring Freshet  2022
Oil on panel  30″ x 30″

Axiom  2022
Oil on panel  40″ x 36″ 

Life Runs Alongside Unseen  2022
Oil on panel  36″ x 48″

Is Seeing Believing?  2022
Oil on panel  36″ x 48″ (diptych)

As Much Below Ground As Above  2020
Oil on panel  48″ x 60″  (diptych)

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