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Peter Harris new hong fatt Ian Tan Gallery

“In the decade that I’ve painted the urban landscape, one name is consistently mentioned when people first encounter my work: Edward Hopper. Hopper is the genre defining painter of the urban landscape whose iconic oeuvre casts a long shadow over all artists inspired by the modern city. In this exhibition Hopper’s Shadow, I confront his legacy by meticulously recreating in miniature his historic paintings and encapsulating them in a contemporary urban landscape. Each of Hopper’s anachronistic visions of the city are subsumed by the contemporary architecture with which I used to frame them. Through working with Hopper’s imagery I’ve entered into a dialogue with my acknowledged predecessor and challenged myself to continue to connect the urban landscape with a contemporary audience.”  Peter Harris

SkyTrain Connection  2023
Oil on canvas  22″ x 32″

SkyTrain Arriving  2022
Oil on canvas  26″ x 36″

SkyTrain Departing  2022
Oil on canvas  24″ x 26″

Elevators in Waiting  2022
Oil on canvas  24″ x 30″

Escalator to Line 1  2022
Oil on canvas  26″ x 36″

Escalator to the Metro  2022
Oil on canvas  26″ x 36″

Side Entrance, After Hours (Early Sunday morning)  2016
Oil on canvas  24″ x 46″

Waiting for morning  2016
Oil on canvas  18″ x 40″

Nightwork 2am  2016
Oil on canvas  14″ x 40″

2655 Granville Street Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada
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