“Landscapes and still life images comprise the chief body of my work. My work is representational while simultaneously evoking memory and the passage of time. I seek to capture a fleeting moment, whether it is a wave, a gleam of light on an object, or a passing shadow on the landscape. My landscapes are devoid of the physical human presence. They are spaces inviting meditation and escapism. They evoke a mood, which moves the viewer toward the introspective and psychological. My still life paintings are a parallel activity to the landscapes. They are also constructed as spaces that are meditative. They evoke silence. Both the landscapes and the representation of objects invite the viewer to see them from a deeper and more poetic perspective.”

Aldyne Myara


Aldyne Myara Silver Hush 30x60

Silver Hush  2014
Oil on canvas  30″ x 60″


Aldyne Myara Blueberries 12x12

Blueberries  2018
Oil on canvas  12″ x 12″


Aldyne Myara Autumn Landscape

Autumn Landscape  2018
Oil on canvas  36″ x 72″


Aldyne Myara Cherry Blossoms 30x40 1000

Cherry Blossoms  2019
Oil on canvas  30″ x 40″

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