Being raised among the islands off of British Columbia’s coast caused Carol Haigh to develop a close affinity with water. Her family immigrated to Salt Spring Island in 1955 where she has lived since. At the age of 16, Carol left home and embarked on a five year sailing voyage to the Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Australia. She returned to Salt Spring and began painting , pouring her love for the sea onto the canvas.

The ocean is an endless source of inspiration for Haigh, offering daily cinematic vistas with constantly shifting qualities of light. Her approach and technique to painting water is masterful. Her scenes are typically calm, in an attempt to communicate the beauty and fragile state of our oceans, a crucial subject which all of us have a vested interest in.

Carol Haigh’s CV


Carol Haigh Shining Sea 36x48

Shining Sea  2017
Acrylic on canvas  36″ x 48″



Carol Haigh Painting

Sunset at Southey Point, 2003
Acrylic on illustration board  18″ x 30″


This artist’s work is represented in Ian Tan – Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery