Born in Tokyo, Japan, Eri Ishii moved to Canada to study psychology and pursue painting. Since then she has made Vancouver her home while studying and exhibiting widely across British Columbia. Using layers of oil paint, Ishii creates depth and atmospheric space in her painting.  She then complicates her images by using geometric shapes or tangled lines combined with human figures.  Ishii is driven by her interests in emotional experiences and the creative possibilities of painting.  She strives for work that captivates viewers and stimulates their imagination.

Theatre director and playwright, Will Weigler, writes, “One of my favourite words is “gest,” Bertolt Brecht’s term for a moment during a performance in which the essence-or gist-of an experience, a relationship, a place, or an attitude is perfectly captured in a single physical gesture. I am so enthralled by Vancouver-based artist Eri Ishii’s extraordinary gift for expressing gests in her paintings. This new work, showing a child’s curiosity about a little toy on a thrift store shelf, takes my breath away”.

Eri has won several awards, and she has exhibited in numerous national and international solo and group exhibitions including the Centre A (Vancouver), Halde Galerie (Switzerland) and Kobushi Rehabilitation Centre (Japan). Her work has been featured in numerous publications including the Vancouver Sun, the Globe & Mail, and the Province.

Eri Ishii’s CV


Eri Ishii Interior with Paintings 28x36

Interior with Paintings  2018
Oil on panel  28″ x 36″


Eri Ishii City At Night 24x18

City At Night  2018
Oil on canvas  24″ x 18″


Eri Ishii Reflection VI 24x18 1000

Reflection VI  2018
Oil on canvas  24″ x 18″


Canopy Bed II  2018
Oil on canvas  14″ x 11″


Eri Ishii Rose 10x8

Rose  2018
Oil on panel 10″ x 8″


Eri Ishii Rose Day 2 10x8

Rose Day 2  2018
Oil on panel 10″ x 8″


Eri Ishi Rose Day 3 10x8

Rose Day 3  2018
Oil on panel 10″ x 8″


Eri Ishii Train II 8x8

Train II  2018
Oil on panel  8″ x 8″


Eri Ishii Railway IV 8x8

Railway IV  2018
Oil on panel  8″ x 8″


Eri Ishii city-48x54

City  2016
Oil on canvas  48″ x 54″


Eri Ishii Chandelier 32x32

Chandelier  2014
Oil on canvas  32″ x 30″


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