Vancouver artist Eri Ishii unveils 25 new paintings that explore psychological space in landscapes and interiors. The painting entitled “Memory”, with its empty hallway suggests fragmented memory and mystery, while “A Room” shows an empty space with visual depth that is yet warm and enveloping.

Theatre director and playwright, Will Weigler, writes, “One of my favourite words is “gest,” Bertolt Brecht’s term for a moment during a performance in which the essence-or gist-of an experience, a relationship, a place, or an attitude is perfectly captured in a single physical gesture. I am so enthralled by Vancouver-based artist Eri Ishii’s extraordinary gift for expressing gests in her paintings. This new work, showing a child’s curiosity about a little toy on a thrift store shelf, takes my breath away”.

Eri has won several awards, and she has exhibited in numerous national and international solo and group exhibitions including the Centre A (Vancouver), Halde Galerie (Switzerland) and Kobushi Rehabilitation Centre (Japan). Her work has been featured in numerous publications including the Vancouver Sun, the Globe & Mail, and the Province.

Eri Ishii’s CV


Eri Ishii city-48x54

City  2016
Oil on canvas  48″ x 54″


Eri Ishii-chapel-48x36-

Chapel  2016
Oil on canvas  48″ x 36″


Eri Ishii memory-48x36

Memory  2016
Oil on canvas  36″ x 48″


Eri Ishii departure-30x54

Departure  2016
Oil on canvas  30″ x 54″


Eri Ishii Chandelier 32x32

Chandelier  2014
Oil on canvas  32″ x 30″


Eri Ishii Rachel In Garden

Rachel in the Garden  2014
Oil on canvas  36″ x 60″


Eri Ishii chandeliers-with-roundel-18x14

Chandeliers with Roundelle  2016
Oil on canvas  18″ x 14″


Eri Ishii-chandeliers-18x14

Chandeliers  2016
Oil on canvas  18″ x 14″


Eri Ishii Chandeliers in Green Room 18x14

Chandeliers in Green Room  2016
Oil on canvas  18″ x 14″


Eri Ishii landscape-16x16

Landscape  2016
Oil on panel  16″ x 16″


Eri Ishii Landscape 20x20

Landscape  2016
Oil on panel  20″ x 20″


Eri Ishii tennis-court-8x8

Tennis Court  2016
Oil on panel  8″ x 8″


Eri Ishii pond-8x8

Pond  2016
Oil on canvas  8″ x 8″


Eri Ishii field-8x8-

Field  2016
Oil on canvas  8″ x 8″


Eri Ishii bird-8x8

Bird  2016
Oil on panel  8″ x 8″


Eri Ishii study-of-pink

Study of Pink  2016
Oil on panel  8″ x 8″


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