Gary Aylward continues to astound with his latest paintings of our forcible Canadian Landscape.  His paintings of the vast energy found in nature speak to themes deeply rooted in historical art traditions – from the visual characterizations of Grecian mythology, to the Enlightenment’s fascination with the sublime – Aylward’s art expresses this same sentiment of nature’s stupefying power, captured in a contemporary vision of our rugged west coast environment.  Influenced by Renaissance painting techniques, his pieces are built up in layers of textural paint and glazes, resulting in varying levels of translucence, superb balance of light and shadow, and dizzying attention to detail.  His intense focus elevates the subject matter beyond a merely faithful representation into a hyper-realized vision of life and the forces that shape it.

Gary Aylward’s CV

Gary Aylward PacificTempest 42x78 1000

Pacific Tempest  2018
Oil on canvas  42″ x 78″


Gary Aylward lennard island 16x39 700

Lennard Island Light – Tofino  2014
Oil on canvas  16″ x 39″


Gary Aylward The Overfall

The Overfall, Tofino  2018
Oil on canvas  47″ x 84″


Gary Pacific Pacific Sanctuary

Pacific Sanctuary  2018
Oil on canvas  45″ x 72″


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