Greta Guzek’s paintings are characterized by her distinctive approach to line and colour and their calming effect on the viewer. By way of South Africa, she paints from her home on the Sunshine Coast, where the rhythmic waves of west coast life undulate from her brush. This sense of place resonates in her practice, it being an exercise in expressing joy through seeing and feeling the everyday. Each painting’s mood is announced through colouring – the tropical saturation of pinks and yellows and the rich greens and blues of the rainforest perform their time of day with kaleidoscopic energy.

Greta Guzek’s CV

Greta Guzek In My Orbit 50x50

In my Orbit  2017
Acrylic on canvas  50″ x 50″


Greta Guzek The Space Between 40x60

The Space Between  2017
Acrylic on canvas  40″ x 60″


Greta Guzek Everything Under The Sun 36x36

Everything Under the Sun  2017
Acrylic on canvas  36″ x 36″


Greta Guzek Forest Mantra 48x36

Forest Mantra  2017
Acrylic on canvas  48″ x 36″


Greta Guzek Beacon Of Hope 50x50 1000

Beacon of Hope  2017
Acrylic on canvas  50″ x 50″


Greta Guzek Outside Looking In 48x48

Outside Looking In  2017
Acrylic on canvas  48″ x 48″


Greta Guzek Buoyant In Spirit 40x40

Buoyant in Spirit  2017
Acrylic on canvas  40″ x 40″


This artist’s work is represented in Ian Tan Gallery – Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver, BC, Canada