Based on years of memories and photographs, Krista explores the dramatic nature of florals – where flowers perform as players on a stage – highlighting the snapshot of a bouquet or a particular garden season. Some images are staged and constructed, while others are spontaneous moments from familiar spaces.

In each piece, Krista seeks to draw attention to a certain flower, or a shard of light, or a corner of space, which components are detailed and wrought. This allows her the opportunity to explore the ancillary space. Here, she makes use of certain stain techniques, washes and the looser application of paint. These elements then become more meaningful and add to the mystery of each painting.”

Krista Johnson is a Vancouver based artist. Her representational paintings allow her to explore the relationship between colour and light as it exists in the natural world. Krista graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Design from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2000. She worked as a designer and illustrator until she began to focus on painting on 2015.

Krista Johnson’s CV

Family Heirlooms  2023
Oil on canvas  60″ x 60″


Krista Johnson From Another Place, From Another TI

From Another Place, From Another Time  2022
Oil on canvas  50″ x 80″ diptych


Krista Johnson Illusions Of Ce

Illusions Of Certainty  2023
Oil on canvas  36″ x 36″


Krista Johnson Always In A State Of Flux

Always In A State Of Flux  2023
Oil on canvas  36″ x 36″


Krista Johnson Here Today - Gone Tomorrow

Here Today – Gone Tomorrow  2023
Oil on canvas  54″ x 40″


Krista Johnson End Of A Long Day

End of a Long Day  2020
Oil on panel  60″ x 36″


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