Born in Medellin, Colombia, Marco Tulio expertly paints canvases in which familiar, realistic scenarios are imbued with a supernatural force, where the strange is naturalized and the normal mystified. In these pictures, he creates his unique take on magical realism in which the internal and external poetics of existence are pronounced.

Tulio’s paintings are like confrontational history tableaus – luxury objects faithfully depicting a romanticized idea of “Western” culture whose enduring historical dominance and complex influence persist. His images are both an homage to and subtle critique of this past, a narrative largely transmitted via art history. This topography of forms is mined and subverted through a contemporary collision of imagery both beautiful and haunting, descriptive and playful, allegorical and historical. Tulio takes the dual bedrocks of Western civilization, Christianity and Greek culture, inverting and making them surreal, as if Magritte, De Chirico and Dali were mashed up against Michelangelo, medieval Dutch landscape and Hellenistic figuration.

Blending the narratives of sweeping history with the affect of the individual imagination, Tulio’s work is about the soul existing both inside and outside world forces that are both palpable and imagined. The result is a lush exploration of mystery and meaning through classically inspired painting that understands the material and immaterial as struggling against each other in forming our understanding of life.

Marco Tulio’s CV

Marco Tulio Sibyl

Sibyl  2022
Oil on linen  24″ x 18″


Marco Tulio Townsend's Warbler

Townsend’s Warbler  2022
Oil on linen  9″ x 12″


Marco Tulio Lilac Breasted Roller

Lilac Breasted Roller  2022
Oil on linen  14″x11″


Marco Tulio Monarchs

Monarchs  2022
Oil on linen  20″ x 24″


Marco Tulio Jay And Banana

Jay and Banana  2020
Oil on linen  14″ x 18″


Marco Tulio Paloma 18x24

Paloma  2018
Oil on canvas  18″ x 24″


Marco Tulio Macaw

Macaw  2021
Oil on linen  24″ x 20″


Marco Tulio Cat

Cat  2017
Oil on canvas  14″ x 18″


Marco Tulio The Gamble

The Gamble 2018
Oil on linen  36″ x 48″


Marco Tulio Bee Eater

Bee Eater  2021
Oil on linen  18″ x 24″


Marco Tulio Garza

Garza  2020
Oil on linen  24″ x 30″


Marco tulio Blue Jay

Blue Jay  2019
Oil on linen  14″ x 18″


Marco Tulio Heron

Heron  2020
Oil on linen  24″ x 18″


Marco Tulio Gravity

Gravity  2021
Oil on linen  9″ x 12″

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