Between Here and There
Nov 5-30, 2022

The paintings in this new exhibition form a collection of observations made while traveling through my home town of Toronto, and during visits to Montreal and Vancouver. In choosing my subjects, I assume the role of the traveller, the commuter, or the pedestrian, observing my urban environment while navigating to my destination. Each painting represents a momentary pause of the forward momentum of that journey to take stock of my surroundings. During that pause, the focus of my attention is the space that I inhabit in that moment: the elevator down to the lobby, the escalator up to the subway station, the streetcar stop, or the restaurant I might be passing by. I want to focus on the transient spaces, the places between here and there in any journey that are often overlooked and unconsidered, but make up the majority of any daily trip through the city.

I paint each of these with deliberate attention to the specific details and atmosphere of the space, taking many weeks to complete each painting. My oil painting process is slow and methodical – I carefully build up layers of thin paint to create luminous scenes with exacting realist details that encourage the viewers to get close, slow their gaze and spend time with the work. I want the act of viewing the painting to become a re-enactment of my experience while examining the location as a potential subject: a slow process of careful observation that encourages a consideration of our relationship to the urban environment.

Peter Harris’s CV

Peter Harris skytrain-arriving

SkyTrain Arriving  2022
Oil on canvas  26″ x 36″


Peter Harris metro-departure

Metro Departure  2022
Oil on canvas  26″ x 24″


Peter Harris skytrain-departing

SkyTrain Departing  2022
Oil on canvas  24″ x 26″


Peter Harris new-hong-fatt

New Hong Fatt  2022
Oil on canvas  28″ x 32″


Peter Harris dim-sum-at-night

Dim Sum at Night  2022
Oil on canvas  28″ x 40″


Peter Harris elevators-in-waiting

Elevators in Waiting  2022
Oil on canvas  24″ x 30″


Peter Harris elevator-to-floor-1

Elevator to Floor 1  2022
Oil on canvas  34″ x 26″


Peter Harris escalator-to-line-1

Escalator to Line 1  2022
Oil on canvas  24″ x 32″


Peter Harris escalator-to-the-metro

Escalator to the Metro  2022
Oil on canvas  26″ x 36″


Peter Harris 510-to-King-at-Dusk

510 to King at Dusk  2022
Oil on canvas  24″ x 18″


Peter Harris King-st-11pm

King St 11pm  2022
Oil on canvas  24″ x 30″


Peter Harris queen-st-1130pm

Queen St 11:30pm  2022
Oil on canvas  28″ x 32″