For years Tim Fraser has been exercising his painterly instincts along the Stanley Park seawall by composing endless combinations of shapes, line and colour – giving this beloved Vancouver landmark its due treatment. As a motif the seawall can be seen as a symbol of leisure, physically framing the landscape to suggest a possible ethnology of Vancouver’s active culture. Through his practice, Tim intersects painting and walking as meditative pastimes, his pictures delving into a formalist abstraction of feeling. Morphed into a serotonin-soaked haze of idyllic colour, Fraser’s imagination evokes the pleasure of navigating a sun-drenched, candy coloured world, where one need only consider the sun glancing off the path in luminous swoops and curves.

Tim Fraser’s CV

Tim Fraser CANOPY

Canopy  2020
Oil on canvas  36″ x 48″


Tim Fraser PATH

Path  2020
Oil on canvas  48″ x 72″


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