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Krista Johnson is a Vancouver based artist. Her representational paintings allow her to explore the relationship between color and light as it exists in the natural world. It is this constant need to seek out an abundance of nature that she continually examines in her…


[two_third_last] Born in Medellin Colombia, Marco Tulio expertly paints canvases in which familiar, realistic scenarios are imbued with a supernatural force, where the strange is naturalized and the normal mystified. In these pictures, he creates his unique take on magical realism in which the internal and…

Introducing Kentree Speirs

We welcome Kentree Speirs to our gallery! Kentree Speirs’s art is what you might expect from someone that holds both a forestry and fine arts degree – paintings that explode with texture and color suggesting, with surreal vivacity, landforms drifting in and out of focus as…

Thibault Talks: Judy Cheng

Blackcomb Way  2014  Acrylic on canvas  60" x 72" Judy Cheng’s paintings are, in a sense, the antithesis to prevailing notions of landscape painting. She doesn’t depict rolling hills, grand vistas, peaks, and clouds, rather, she offers a study of what the landscape is really composed…

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British Columbia, Canada
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