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Introducing Olivier Du Tré

We are honored to introduce Olivier Tré esteemed work to you!

Olivier Du Tré was born and raised, in Ghent, Belgium. After graduating with a Graphic Arts degree in ’98, he picked up a camera, fell in love with photography and found his real passion. For Du Tré, everything is black and white, but never lacking in passion. His approach could be best described as sophisticated minimalism with an unbridled fascination for symbolism and symmetry, a reoccurring theme throughout his work. Through precision contrast, proportion and depth, Du Tré capture a ‘formal aesthetic’ with a multi-layered, well-balanced frame that questions the fragility and instability of our seemingly certain world. This Prairie Series challenges the audience to consider multiple perspectives and a careful examination of the unseen. A subtle, quiet, and at times romantic take on the unnoticed, passed-by or mundane.

“My dad has been a photographer and painter for over 40 years. He was my inspiration for exploring this new form of art. As a kid, I would always marvel how my dad just ‘dialed in’ his Leica M3 without even measuring the available light. He just knew! I have always believed that one day, I would also be involved with art in the broadest sense of the word. I enrolled in photography school and for three years I was immersed in black and white photography, film theoretics, darkroom techniques, and cameras.

Between 2002 and 2009, my wife and I  made numerous trips to Canada. We always traveled to Western Canada because we love the mountains. In 2004, we decided to take the next big step and immigrate to Canada. In 2009, with permanent residency in hand, we arrived in this beautiful country we now call home. I was raised and lived the majority of my adult life in a large crowded city – miles away from the beautiful outdoors. I was photographing everything from rock bands to studio portraits, everything you could expect from a city photographer.

It was liberating for me to be in the mountains and close to nature. I was now finally able to pursue my lifelong dream of photographing what I loved most, scenic mountain landscapes and finding the beauty of the mundane around me.”

Olivier Du Tre

Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery 

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Olivier Du Tre


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