“As is almost always the case in my work, these recent canvases are not ‘landscapes’ in the traditional sense, by which I mean that they aren’t intended to portray a specific place.  I begin each piece by using photographic references (sometimes several for each painting) to establish a ‘real’ sense of space but as the paintings progress I abandon the photos and begin painting instinctually and intuitively.

It’s only at this point that the images really start to work for me.  Sometimes they don’t stray too far from the initial composition, and sometimes they evolve quite dramatically to become something altogether different in composition or mood.

My current painting method makes use of frequent building-up and scraping-back of the wet paint layers.  This technique allows for a good deal of accidental mark-making, and adds depth and movement to the images.   Scraping back can also blur much of the detail, however, so I have found myself utilizing more and more frequently the ‘flashes’ that often appear in my work.  These marks that float on the surface of the paintings serve to grab the viewer’s eye and pull the entire image into focus.” David Edwards

David Edwards’s CV

David Edwards Breathe 40x36

Breathe  2014
Oil on canvas  40″ x 36″


David Edwards Within

Within  2014
Oil on canvas  40″ x 36″


David Edwards Re-constructed 48x40

Re-constructed  2017
Oil on canvas  48″ x 40″


David EdwardsDistant 48x40

Distant  2017
Oil on canvas  48″ x 40″


David Edwards Sitting Pretty 48x40

Sitting Pretty  2017
Oil on canvas  48″ x 40″


David Edwards Dance 60x48

Dance  2017
Oil on canvas  60″ x 48″


David Edwards Overland 1 60x48

Overland I  2010
Oil on canvas  60″ x 48″


David Edwards As The Light Slopes Through

As The Light Slopes Through  2008
Oil on panel  24″ x 30″


David Edwards Crouch I 40x40

Crouch I  2016
Oil on canvas  40″ x 40″


This artist’s work is represented in one of the top contemporary art galleries in Vancouver, Canada