Vanessa Lam investigates the dynamics of form, space and the unconscious through collage and mixed media painting. She refers to Abstract Expressionism in her work through gesture and automatic painting. Her action-oriented process involves a balance between chance and control. Although her mark making may appear random, Vanessa loosely directs paint through the immediacy of her brushwork and use of non-traditional painting tools. This spontaneity translates into her collage process. It engages her to instinctively respond to materials for shape, texture, line and colour. At the same time, the element of juxtaposition in collage allows Vanessa to create contrast through the placement of paint and the variance of her mark making. It is the fluid movement between chance and control that attracts her to examine both disciplines.

Vanessa Lam lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia as a mixed media painter. She was awarded the Vancouver Regional Award and Grand Prize Award for the 2017 Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series. Her work was also selected to be in recent issues of Create Magazine and Uppercase Magazine, and she has exhibited and sold her work at various community venues and public galleries in the Lower Mainland. Vanessa recently completed a one month residency at Takt Kunstprojektraum Artist Residency in Berlin, Germany.

Vanessa Lam’s CV

Artist Talk and Assignment with Tristesse Seeliger

Vanessa Lam Palaces Riches and Revenge

Palaces Riches and Revenge  2022
Mixed media on canvas  38″ x 36″


Vanessa Lam Silence Around All Sounds

Silence Around All Sounds  2019
Mixed media on canvas  48″ x 40″


Vanessa Lam Unfolded Within Your Imagination

Unfolded Within Your Imagination  2019
Mixed media on canvas  48″ x 56″


Vanessa Lam House of Exhalations

House of Exhalations  2019
Mixed media on canvas  52.5″ x 58.5″


Of Beyond and of After  2019
Mixed media on Tyvek  approx 51″ x 27″ x 11″


Vanessa LamShe Dreams, She's Awake 48x36

She Dreams She’s Awake  2019
Mixed Media on panel  48″ x 36″


Vanessa Lam Tears Are Her Magic

Tears Are Her Magic  2022
Mixed media on canvas  18.5″ x 20″


Vanessa Lam There is No True Darkness No Night

There is No True Darkness, No Night  2022
Mixed media on canvas  22.5″ x 17″


Vanessa Lam Trouble Seems to be a Necessary Stage on the Route of Becoming

Trouble Seems to be a Necessary Stage on the Route of Becoming  2022
Mixed media on canvas  60″ x 48″

This artist’s work is represented at Ian Tan Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery