A wanderer at heart, Emilie has travelled and lived from Michigan to Hawaii and has recently begun calling Vancouver home. Her latest series of palette knife works finds her entering a mature painterly phase, capturing the essence of the surrounding urban environment with fresh eyes and a deft handling of paint.

Each scene she produces is at once familiar yet distant, an objective neo-noir spectacle of anonymous people moving through city streets at night. The details captured however, such as articles of clothing, neon signage and Vancouver landmarks, lend the pictures a sense of recognizable comfort. These works represent Emilie’s experience of arriving in a new city and seeking to understand the substance of the people and places. Her personal and artistic search for meaning in these settings is reflected in the individuals she paints, each one existing and participating in the living tableau of the city.

Emilie Fantuz’s CV

Among the Blue 48x60

Emilie Fantuz
Among the Blue  2021
Oil on canvas 48″ x 60″


Emilie Fantuz Drifters and Dreamers

Drifters and Dreamers  2020
Oil on canvas  30″ x 48″


Emilie Fantuz World Looking In

World Looking In  2020
Oil on canvas  36″ x 60″


Emilie Fantuz South Granville

South Granville  2022
Oil on canvas  48″ x 60″


Emilie Fantuz West 4th Car Wash

West 4th Car Wash  2022
Oil on canvas  48″ x 44″