Having mounted successful photography exhibitions in galleries and museums worldwide, Eric Klemm’s new body of work finds him dissolving a lifetime of art practice in order to rebuild it as he goes. His latest series of paintings are ideas of art at play with themselves, canvasses depicting a serial exploration of form and colour’s potential. The paintings work from an abstract structural starting point from which bands of colour seek their sense of balance as a composition. Within this framework, Klemm is able to address the question of abstraction autonomously, rather than contend with the question of representing reality.

At first glance, Klemm’s paintings register the hard edged abstract minimalism of Josef Albers or Frank Stella. The surfaces of his paintings, conveying a bold flatness of colour and simplicity of shape, are a nod to the modernist trajectory of abstract painting as a whole. Klemm’s summations and elaborations on that history carry forward this persistent visual language that continues to sustain painting today as a medium of immediacy, playfulness and possibility.

Eric Klemm is an accomplished artist whose work can be found in many museums and private collections. Klemm was born in Wadern, a small German town near the French border. He attended art school in Trier, Germany where he studied graphic design, photography, and painting. Throughout his artistic career, Klemm has held over 30 solo exhibitions and participated in countless group shows in Canada, the United States, and Europe. He has received numerous awards for his work and published six coffee table books. Klemm now lives and works near Vancouver, British Columbia.

Eric Klemm’s CV

Thoughts  2019
Acrylic on canvas  48″ x 60″


Island Memories  2019
Acrylic on canvas 48″ x 72″ (diptych)


Eric Klemm Deep Ocean 36x48

Deep Ocean  2019
Acrylic on canvas  48″ x 36″


Eric Klemm Homage a Picabia II 48x48

Homage a Picabia II  2018
Acrylic on canvas  48″ x 48″


Eric Klemm Head

Head  2018
Acrylic on canvas  48″ x 48″


Eric Klemm Shark Jump - #237 48x48

Shark Jump – #237  2018
Acrylic on canvas  48″ x 48″


Eric Klemm Untitled - #238 48x48

Untitled – #238  2018
Acrylic on canvas  48″ x 48″


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