The Way Things Are
September 7 – 30, 2019

Opening Reception:
Saturday, September 7th from 2-4pm

“With a passion for finding what is captivating and beautiful in our everyday lives, Jonathan Gleed opens his heart to the world with his exhibition, The Way Things Are. With this series, Gleed delves deeper into his signature raindrop and nighttime scenes and celebrates the magic of the setting sun with heavy shadows and intense light. 

He pours his emotions into his pieces, communicating in a language that is difficult to put into words. This series subtlety asks the viewer to look beyond the finer details of a place, and to instead grasp the overall feeling of the moment in the scene before them. 

Gleed’s relentless fixation is to make what’s ordinary into something extraordinary. ‘The Way Things Are’ is a story of cities, people and how we live together, revealing to the viewer what’s really there if we look hard enough.”

Jonathan Gleed The Way Things Are

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