As an acrylic painter, Gleed likes to turn the subtle – or what others would consider the mundane – into the interesting and inspiring. Gleed spends a lot of his energy as an artist extracting the beauty from everyday modern life to shine a spotlight on what makes it special. His primary objective as a painter is to evoke emotional vigour in the person viewing his pieces. It is the most effective way that he is able to communicate with others.

Gleed chooses his subjects based on the message that they present, however subtle; through how they might fit into the composition and how they interact with the light and shadows, and their colour. The subject guides Gleed as to how he should approach the piece, delving into the abstract if it is deemed important to tone down any “noise”. Gleed is very conscious of the relationship between his paintings and the viewer. He paints for himself; but because he feels that he must communicate though his pieces, the receiver of the message is always in the back of his mind.


Jonathan Gleed’s CV

Jonathan Gleed Getting Lost Together 48x48

Getting Lost Together  2018
Acrylic on panel  48″ x 48″


Jonathan Gleed Just Another Weekday 36x36

Just Another Weekday  2018
Acrylic on panel  36″ x 36″


Jonathan GleedLets Figure This Out 16x20

Let’s Figure This Out  2018
Acrylic on panel  16″ x 20″


Johnathan Gleed City of Lights 24x36

City of Lights  2018
Acrylic on panel  24″ x 36″


Jonathan GleedEverSince 9x1

Ever Since  2018
Acrylic on panel  9″ x 12″


Jonathan Gleed End Of The Road 6x6

End of the Road  2018
Acrylic on panel  6″ x 6″


Jonathan Gleed Going Home 6x6

Going Home  2018
Acrylic on panel  6″ x 6″


Jonathan Gleed Well On My Way 6x6

Well On My Way  2018
Acrylic on panel  6″ x 6″


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