Self-taught ceramist Mary Fox began creating pottery when she was just 13. Her works are now known internationally for their beautiful form, exquisite balance, and timeless elegance. Recently, Mary showed her work at the Ceramic and Colour Awards in Faenza, Italy, and her pottery has been published in Ceramic Review and Pottery Making Illustrated. Her latest work has taken an exciting, surprising direction. Working with glass blowers Lisa Samphire and Jay Macdonell, she is reinterpreting her forms in glass. In this new medium she is developing a series based on the planet – the Oceanic Series, Flower Series, and Nebula Series all explore life on earth, with luminous glass forms rising magically upward from rock bases – original, evocative, and beautiful.

“I create all the time. When I started my creative career, I thought I would be a functional potter and had no idea that I was an artist. Now, forty years later, I find my mind is inundated with new ideas and projects. I work at my art constantly – some might say obsessively! But that single-minded focus has led me to where I am today – a successful mid-career artist with endless creative pathways I still want to explore”.

– Mary Fox

Mary Fox’s CV

Mary Fox Purple Flower Chalice 15x12.5

Purple Flower Chalice 15″H x 12.5″W
Glass and stone


Mary Fox Oceanic Chalice Cloudy Sky 21.5x13

Oceanic Chalice Cloudy Sky  2018
Glass and stone  21.5″H x 13″W


Mary Fox Turquoise Chalice 16x13

Turquoise Chalice  2018
Glass and stone  16″H x 13″W


Mary Fox Oceanic Chalice Yellow

Oceanic Chalice Yellow  2018
Glass and  stone  17″H x 12″W


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