Robert Michener was born in 1935 in the small, farming community of Preston Minnesota. Michener’s work has been shown in numerous solo and group shows in Canada, the United States and Europe. His works are included in more than two hundred public, corporate and private collections in Canada, the U. S. and Europe.

“Landscape has been my primary motif for more than thirty years. In the art of painting, the landscape motif symbolizes the conceptions and feelings people hold in relation to nature. I choose to paint landscape because of my boyhood intimacy with nature and because I believe that the most urgent challenge facing humanity is to discover a viable way to live with nature…”

Robert Michener

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Robert Michener Bareback Race Through Woods-44x68

Bareback race through woods  2015
Oil on canvas  44″ x 68″


Robert Michener BackyardConversation 30x40 700

Backyard conversation  2014
Oil on canvas  30″ x 40″


Robert Michener Mother And Child 45x36 450

Mother and child  2014
Oil on canvas  45″ x 36″


Robert Michener Blue Madonna 40x30 450

Blue Madonna  2014
Oil on canvas  40″ x 30″


Robert Michener Hero 56x44 450

Hero  2014
Oil on canvas  56″ x 44″


Robert Michener Painting

Sun and Shade
Oil on canvas, 40″ x 50″


This artist’s work is represented at Ian Tan Gallery – Granville Vancouver in