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Krista Johnson is a Vancouver based artist. Her representational paintings allow her to explore the relationship between color and light as it exists in the natural world. It is this constant need to seek out an abundance of nature that she continually examines in her…

Special Project Space: Ian Tan Projects

We are pleased to announce a 6,500 sq ft special project space, Ian Tan Projects (Oct 5 - Jan 31), in the new Tsawwassen Mills. Grand Opening: Oct 5th - 10th, 2016.       GUEST ARTISTS: Niina Chebry Jonathan Gleed Jennifer Harwood Carylann Loeppky Shari Pratt Claire Sower Donna Cowan  

LOCAL LOVE: February 4 -7, 2016

A Collaborative project between the Designers Collective and Ian Tan Gallery to celebrate Valentine's Day 2016. Local Love is an innovative Popup that pioneers a new way of thinking about our local creatives. By integrating the fine art showcased in Ian's Gallery with the work of…

Thibault Talks: David Edwards

Old Land Plan  2015  Oil on canvas  28" x 28" In composing an image the artist is often trying to identify what they find pleasing. Everything we see has an inherent mathematical logic that can be broken down into simple or complex arrangements. This notion formed…

Thibault Talks: Cybele Ironside

Lilypond (Abstracted)  2015  Oil on panel  33" x 54" Dreamy, ethereal and beautiful, Cybele Ironside’s paintings occupy a space between representation and abstraction. The panels are heavily treated with oil and varnish, creating haunting layers of ghostly reflection, allowing for light to find its way inside…

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