Thibault Talks: Cybele Ironside

Cybele Ironside LilypondLilypond (Abstracted)  2015  Oil on panel  33″ x 54″

Dreamy, ethereal and beautiful, Cybele Ironside’s paintings occupy a space between representation and abstraction. The panels are heavily treated with oil and varnish, creating haunting layers of ghostly reflection, allowing for light to find its way inside and bounce back at the viewer. Her subject matter exists outside of language, intended to elicit an emotive response to the initial sensory intrusion of color and shape, informed by memory and the effects of atmospheric light.

These works have a contemporary feel and situate nicely in clean, minimal spaces. They are an exploration of layering to produce a hypnotic visual rendering of energy with reference to an environment. Ironside’s paintings imply an infinite receding space within a flat, two-dimensional surface where forms organically materialize through Cybele’s tireless treatment of the surface.